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Zebras and Airplanes – Alicia Keys

February 15, 2014


The very lovely Alicia Keys yesterday released her song “Zebras and Airplanes” as a Valentines gift to her fans, she wrote it after seeing this painting of mine 5 years ago – time flies! The painting is called Passage and was part of a two person show I did with Conor Harrington in Los Angeles at the Kinsey Des Forges Gallery . Listen to the song and read Alicia’s thoughts on the painting below



“I remember it like yesterday. I saw this gorgeous painting by Chloe Early, one of my favorite artists. It was a woman in a pool with her head back, as if in deep comfort and bliss. Behind her the colors of the painting turned from galloping zebras to flying airplanes. I had never been overcome to write a song after seeing a painting before, but this one sent me to another place.I felt it! The power, the freedom, the strength to gallop and fly. And I knew right at that moment I would write a song called ‘Zebras and Airplanes’ to describe that kind of love. The whole of you— body and soul— can gallop and fly!

Since Valentine’s Day is here, let us know that every day is the day to love and cherish those around us—

all those that make life sweet like chocolate and warm as a bubble bath.

But most importantly, don’t forget YOU!

Love on yourself. Pamper yourself. Cherish yourself. Today and forever.

I wish you the kind of love that comes from within and spreads all the way out!

With love,

AK ”


Handsome Handbags by Hanson Of London

May 16, 2012



The daintiest hands I have ever seen making the sturdiest bags, plus Londons lovely skyline and a very strong balloon.


Hanson Of London

O Abundant Flower

July 6, 2011

RIP Cy Twombly

Tristate of Mind Suite

June 11, 2011


A few months ago Tristate contacted me to ask my permission to use Silver Tip Symphony as the cover art on his Tristate of Mind Suite.  I like the music and the idea of a full orchestra performance of his work in Winter 2011 in NY sounds exciting. To have a listen to the first 8 minutes follow this link

‘Tristate Of Mind’ is an organic musical canvas with life as the muse. The most culturally relevant composition to date, spanning centuries of symphonic influences.  A new archetype of sound and format, ‘Tristate of Mind’ raises the future standards of the modern music consumer and composer.”


A Happy Life in the Mountains

June 5, 2011


My mate Rob Phoenix is part of this 2 part exhibition opening first in Berlin next week and coming to London later this year in September. For more info and a look at the other artists  (including painter Anna Huges) head over to Portable Isolation Unit

Justin Mortimer

May 3, 2011