I am: Irish, female, 28 (at time of writing) and an expert skipper. 


I eat: probably too much, luckily most of the food I love is healthy stuff, vegetables, fish but I have weaknesses that I do indulge, bread and cheese with ballymaloe relish especially with a hangover, cake and chocolate. My ultimate indulgence is lemon tart but I save that for rainy days. When I was little I used to ask my Mum if I could go to town (Cork  -the Metropole Hotel) with her and eat juicy scones instead of going to school and sometimes she would let me! Hence my love of food started early.


I think: Once upon a time I had time to think about space, the universe, the inside of the Earth, the past, the future, love, loss, happiness. These days when I wake up I have a list of things to do that day running through my head. I cant decide if this is a normal part of becoming an adult or a spin off from the digital age we live in – why think when you can google? 


I want: to learn to drive and if I say it enough it might happen.


I love: my boyfriend, my family and my dead dog.


I wish: for the things everyone wishes for : peace, that the people I love won’t get sick and will be happy. 


I prefer: brown bread to white, sun to rain, paintings to photographs.


I had: a job once and I don’t want to go back.


I read: novels by David Mitchell, Murakami and lots of others. 


I didn’t: think I’d ever have a blog


I wanted: people to see my paintings.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am Chloe Early.


As ever –  thanks to JJ O Donoghue from Out of Sight who provides questions on demand, a true friend.


20 Responses to “About”

  1. SarahClarke Says:

    I am obsessed with your work!!!!!
    such a fan- good thing you decided to blog :)keep going

  2. GiGi Says:

    Love your art and your creative vibe – would love to feature you on http://www.why-create.com please let me know if you are interested…

  3. billy moore Says:

    found this blog….ist one i’ve come across……..hello chloe….have notseen/heard since clives wedding………keep on keeping on……….the painting that we bought …..years ago…..recieves so mch from peoples who visit us……all really positive……..best wishes…….billy moore……

    • chloepaintspictures Says:

      Hi Billy, thanks for your message..I will come and visit you all in Sligo some day soon I hope!

  4. billy moore Says:

    think wrong web was on msg i sent…..best wishes…….

  5. David Bird Says:

    I love your work!!!! You are such an inspiration!

  6. stephanie Says:

    You are one of the talented painters, keep the good work.

  7. Nathan James Says:

    very cool work!

  8. nick & iveta Says:

    really cool work, we’re buzzing over you in our studio!

  9. emily Says:

    i love your work, but i’m interested what media you use, is it just spray paint and oils?

  10. Riley from Alabama Says:

    Hey chloe, I sometimes leave comments on conorsaysboom. Love yall’s spirits and work. The thought yall together, in love, is impossibly romantic. Have a good one. Peace.
    p.s. If u ever come to Birmingham, AL you can drive my car and crash it all over town.

  11. Jason Says:

    Hey Chloe.
    Your a true inspiration.
    I met Conor and yourself at your show last fall in New York.
    Great Work.

    When’s the next show in the US?

  12. sam B Says:

    yo your work is seriously amazing and inspiring, your name comes first when people ask of the contemporary artists I am into, thanks for painting, and you better keep doing it, not that you would stop. best of luck

  13. PArk.yeon soo Says:

    Hi. ~!I am Korean student .and I am 21 years old
    I am impressing your paintng .!
    Someday ,I want to painting like your work.
    Sorry i can’T speaking english well.
    Thank you~~~♥

  14. Sandra Preston Says:

    Wow, I love your work. Can we buy it somehow in Australia? Sandra

  15. rosso Says:

    Amazing work – truly inspiring… any chance I could see your works around London/UK at some point?
    Keep inspiring us!

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