Love + Hate

My latest painting for the Love , Hate exhibition opening tomorrow at StolenSpace Gallery.



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5 Responses to “Love + Hate”

  1. david bird Says:

    You are amazing. Just sayin’.

  2. Logan Says:

    Chloe! This new work of yours is brilliant! I want to buy it so badly! Unfortunately, it’s 7,000 GBP! That’s like $11,000 US. I wish you were still a young and undiscovered artist so I could afford it. Is your “Phoenix” piece still available for purchase? If so, could you or someone contact me with the info of where it is? My email is : )
    P.S. Or just leave a new comment in here, and I’ll get an email update.

    • chloepaintspictures Says:

      Thanks Logan, glad you like it – a girls got to paint the rent 🙂

      Phoenix is sold already too, its a bigger painting anyhow so would be more $$, I’ll be doing some hand finished prints soon which will be more affordable, and some smaller paintings in later in the year- I’ll let you know when they are done.


  3. stephanie Says:

    I love this painting ,You are an amazing talented painter

  4. Tim Fowler Says:

    Saw these the other day, AMAZING! I recently tried painting on steel sheet but they didnt turn out great. Def gonna give it another go after seeing these pieces. LOVE

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