Print – Majesty

Also for the summer show we made a Gyclee print of my favourite of my paintings -Majesty from Clouded Apollo exhibition. For all the info on edition size , price etc visit stolenspace


5 Responses to “Print – Majesty”

  1. Jason Serres Says:

    One of my favorites too Chloe. Love Rocketeers. I cant wait for October.


  2. Jason Serres Says:

    This is one of my favs too Chloe. Looking forward to October!


  3. natronbomb Says:

    Thats sweet Chloe.. But for us U.S. boys.. Thats a HUGE exchange rate.. Too rich for my poor blood..

  4. saer Says:

    Excelent! One of my faves – exchange rate isn’t *too* bad for the US this time around…can’t wait to see the print in perosn.

  5. wallkandy Says:

    One of my favourites too :0x

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