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“Witness” – new paper piece

May 25, 2010



May 5, 2010

I saw these two great video pieces at the weekend with my Dad at the Towner gallery in Eastbourne, first is Bill Viola Becoming Light, second Irish artist  Dorothy Cross, Jellyfish Lake.

Wallkandy blog

May 3, 2010

Ian from Wallkandy has set up a blog so you can follow his travels, look at his lovely photos and read his insights. Those who know Ian know that he gives so much of his time to documenting art, its a thankless job and I often wonder why bother ( from the selfish perspective of an artist I cant imagine giving my time to anything that’s not about me) In Ian’s case the passion he feels for the work is clear in his dedication, one thing’s for sure, he has a very understanding wife. There’s some lovely pics of Conor at work in his studio up there at the moment, a tiny preview of what’s to come in June in LA, getting exciting…