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Clouded Apollo Pics

November 12, 2009

Majesty“Majesty”, 183cm by 243cm, oil on linen


Delta Wing“Delta Wing”, 122 cm by 153cm, oil on perspex


Bomber“Bomber”, 122cm by 153cm, oil on perspex


Halo“Halo”, 122cm by 92 cm, oil on aluminium


Missiles“Missiles” ¬†122cm by 92cm, oil on linen


Swing“Swing”, 122cm by 92cm, oil on perspex


Cosmonaut“Cosmonaut” 75cm by 50cm, oil on aluminium


Stag“Stag” 75cm by 50cm, oil on aluminium


Astronaut“Astronaut”, 75cm by 50cm, oil on aluminium


Bull Clouded Apollo“Bull”, 75cm by 50 cm, oil on aluminium


Clouded Apollo

November 8, 2009

Chloe for blog low res

I’ve been in hiding the last month or so finishing the paintings for my new solo show Clouded Apollo at Stolen Space Gallery. Thanks to everyone who came last Thursday, the show runs until the 29th November – ¬†more pics to follow soon. In the meantime you can visit Ian Cox Flickr for more photos (thanks Ian)

Also my beau has his latest solo – Headless Heroes running at Lazarides Gallery. To see the pics of his amazing new paintings check out conorsaysboom