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Demise of a Red Rose

August 25, 2009




Elizabeth Peyton

August 21, 2009

EP691I recently caught this show on at Whitechapel Gallery. Elizabeth Peyton comes in for alot of criticism for painting celebrities and pursuing what some refer to as an adolescent subject matter and style, but I along with lots of others love her work. There is something beautiful and jewel like about these paintings, a fragile minature beauty.

Radical Nature

August 21, 2009

mark dion

wheatart-xlI recently saw the Radical Nature on at the Barbican, the show as a whole didn’t do much for me but my highlights were Mark Dion’s Mobile wilderness unit –  pictured above, it reminded me of the paintings of Josh Keyes which I love. The photos of Agnes Denes project in 1982 where she dug, planted and harvested a 2 acre wheat field in downtown Manhattan were breathtaking. The idea was re appropriated to coincide with the Radical Nature exhibition by a group of artists at Dalston Mill near where we live. I’m not sure if the harvest had quite the same yield but it was great to sit outside on a warm summer evening in Dalston under the stars. Stars and fields usually seem a million miles from this busy intersection that I’ve called home for the last two years. Sadly the mill is closed now which is just aswell really, as the summer starts to draw to a close I’m becoming increasingly aware that I have a show coming soon – less star gazing and more painting for me.



Brink, Joshua liner Gallery

August 5, 2009

BrinkHere is a pic of my new painting “Brink” that is going to be shown at Joshua Liner Gallery NY as part of the summer group exhibtion.