On Twisted Wings – hand finished screen prints / a selection










“How I yearn to throw myself into endless space and float above the awful abyss” Goethe


I have been looking at the idea of flight, both real and metaphorical in my work for the past few years. The idea started with my diving girls series, it has developed and grown into thoughts on fleeing, departing and the desire to escape drudgery. The holiday is the most obvious expression of escapism, peaking with the construction of theme parks and disney land but escapism manifests throughout culture in more subtle ways, scientific, technological and commercial. Most of our collective endeavors are a desire to distance ourselves from the lowly animal status of our species here on earth.  Hearing about the tower jumpers of the Middle Ages  – men dressed in homemade wings throwing themselves off towers in the name of flight research is a classic example of mans inability to accept his circumstances, ie I am a human but I want to be able to fly like a bird too. In my work I want to capture that feeling of abandonment from reality and also underlie some of the dystopian effects that such an approach brings.


“On Twisted Wings” is  a series of works, made using the screen print process which are part of a family whilst also having some individual elements and unique qualities to each print.  I wanted to retain some of the spontaneity of my studio practice by combining hand painting with screen printing, switching back and forth between the layers. I don’t plan my paintings but start with a vague idea or primary image in my head and react in a pretty organic way daily to the marks/ images I have done the day before and I approached this print project in the same way.  

Thanks to Dface for encouraging the project, Ronzo for letting me into his studio, Jaime for being the best assistant and all the rest of the Stolen Space crew for continued support. 

p.s. keep an eye on Stolen Space for release details.


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7 Responses to “On Twisted Wings – hand finished screen prints / a selection”

  1. Chris Says:

    these are amazing!! i love knowing that it’s not digital either, hand made rules.

  2. braydon Says:

    i’m diggin’ them all as a whole. My favourite has got to be number 6 though. Where would one be able to purchase a print?

  3. Kelly Says:

    love ’em. also interested in a print of #6.

  4. Fatima Says:

    These are seriously amazing! And very creative.

  5. Dr Green Says:

    I found your work by way of a Conor Harrington blog. You both seem to be inspired by one another, layering figurative bodies with bodies of paint. I’m attracted to both of your styles.

    Explosive power propelling souls skyward from detonated constructs (dropped by jets) was my first take on these images. Your figures don’t seem to necessarily want to soar but rather forced to catapult. More pushed than reaching.

  6. Ridhuan Says:

    Those are amazing.. you are really good.. love to see more of your arts.
    I love art and when I was a kid i used to paint a lot but since furthering my study in engineering.. my artistic skills has faded.. now I’m trying to gain them back.

  7. Kathe Madrigal Says:

    Saw Chloe’s images in Juxtapose. Fell in love with the motion, the architectural aspects and the fluidity of hand. Can’t wait to see more.

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