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Back to Work

May 27, 2009


After the excitement of LA and SF I’ve now gone back to work and being honest its my favourite place to be. I much rather the smell of turps on a Monday morning than the chitter chatter at exhibition openings. Over the next few months keep your eyes peeled for the release of my hand finished screen prints through Stolen Space Gallery. There has been 3 meetings and nearly 2 years in the making of these prints but I am finally working on the drawings and looking forward to getting my hands dirty in the print process. Also in August I’ll have a painting in a group show at Joshua Liner Gallery in NY and my next solo show in October with Stolen Space.


Boundary Print

May 20, 2009

IMG_2696Signing my prints to coincide with Chasing Castle exhibition in LA.  My first print is a four colour screen print based on the oil painting “Boundary”. To see the print visit BLK MRKT Gallery 

Chasing Castles

May 19, 2009


gallery shot kdf



Some shots of the works in the space at Kinsey Desforges Gallery, Culver City, LA. Opening hours and directions visit Kinsey DesForges Gallery

Living in a Tree

May 17, 2009

chloe2Here I am in my studio drinking tea. To find out how I like my tea and other bits and pieces visit Living in a Tree and read my recent Q+ A.